What Can We Fix

If you have questions about whether something is fixable, please call Ian on 07578 690226 a few days before the event.

We will try to fix most things but there are some exceptions and requirements.

Your mender can decide that your item will not be mended, and will tell you why – apologetically!

Fill in a form for ONE item to be fixed. If you have several items, to make the Café fair for everyone you cannot submit another item/form until the first item has been fixed

Things to fix must be portable to get them into the venue:

  • Nothing heavier than one person can easily carry/move
  • Not your fridge/washing machine/tumbler/car/settee/…

Items must be safe for us to fix:

  • Nothing with high voltages – no microwave or old-style TV/monitor with a cathode ray tube
  • Nothing which could be dangerous if damaged/worn—no electric blankets
  • Nothing containing hazardous substances – so not your broken petrol lawnmower or camping gas stove, etc.
  • Nothing too loud/sharp/fast – so not your chainsaw!

Mains-powered items:

  • Will be PAT tested to ensure safety—if the item does not pass we will remove the fuse and mark it as failed.
  • If the mains plug is the old type with bare metal pins it cannot be repaired with this plug attached, so there will be a charge of £1 (the cost) to fit a new plug. If the item cannot be mended or fails PAT testing we will remove the new plug and refund you.

Clothing and other items requiring sewing:

  • MUST be freshly cleaned
  • Replacing a zip can take a very long time, so we will only replace zips if:
    • You unpick the zip— we can show you how to do this – then bring the zipless item to the next event
    • You bring the replacement zip

We’ll try to fix most things, but unfortunately in the end your item may not be fixable, and we aren’t miracle workers 🙁